The fitness industry is fast paced and gym professionals are always looking for technical and marketing innovations that offer a competitive edge Vs their competitors.

TheScreeningLab (TSL) incorporates both of these aspects, converting new members appraisal and monitoring procedures into professional graphical reports with individualised injury minimisation programs at a click of a button.

TSL guides the personal trainer through a professional physical assessment, a level previously only used by physios on elite athletes.

TSL analyses results specific for your client's age and gender, and automatically generates a graphical report of their physical attributes and includes a 6 week exercise program for the identified weak areas. The main goal being injury minimisation but over time it will maximise their results and your business

TSL Stage 1 has three preloaded appraisal profiles: general fitness, weight loss, and muscle gain - plus a member challenge profile to organise periodical in-house competitions.

TSL Stage 2 in addition offers 10 profiles aimed to assess the levels of fitness required to practice the top 10 participated sports.

For more information, watch our gym video or contact us to start your 1 month free trial at your gym and begin to improve retention rates, increase member motivation, and start having your clients chase you asking to track their improvements, with TSL.

Our partner Buzvil

Introducing our partner Buzvil - a location-based app that enables you to find and book gyms, yoga studios, group classes near you, with no strings attached and no memberships required. If you are among of the network enjoy a 20% discount on standard license fees.

Buzvil was created to give you the freedom to choose what health & wellness services best suit your goals, without the stress of lock-in contracts. Buzvil makes it easy to find activities that are fun, convenient and most importantly, accessible to anyone eager to get active and live their best life. Enjoy training where ever, whenever and whatever you like.

Buzvil is building a community of partners with one common goal - Helping people to build their health and wellbeing support network. We help them to access passionate fitness professionals and outstanding health & wellness providers through our network and help them to find the community of likeminded individuals nearby.

Buzvil's mission is to get more people moving on a regular basis, help educate them about the importance of an active lifestyle, not only for their physical but also mental health and aspires to assist people to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

Everybody Is a Winner with TheScreeningLab

Gym wins

  • Market a new innovative service
  • Improve retention rates
  • Additional element to be packaged within membership offers

Member wins

  • Personalised graphical reports categorised by physical attributes
  • Avoid injuries thanks to the exercise program focused on identified weak areas
  • Increase motivation and plan long-term goals with the trend analytics

Personal Trainer (PT) wins

  • Raise the quality of service provided to members
  • Create business opportunities (2-4 assessments / year)
  • Save hours in report writing
  • Plan training programs
  • Build stronger long-term relationships with members

How does TheScreeningLab Work?