Objective Injury Assessment and Tracking Rehabilitation

Collecting and collating data on patients progress and outcomes is challenging. Paper reports, non-standardised assessments in different locations, and lack a of age and gender specific comparative normative data all create difficulties in rehabilitation.

With TheScreeningLab every assessment and questionnaire is digitised, creating a comprehensive dataset. Strengths and weaknesses of each patient are transformed in individual interventions and can be tracked promoting the rehab process. Bulk export of data is available for further statistical analysis and use in publications.

  • Pathology / post-op specific assessments
  • Digital self-scoring questionnaires
  • Objective and functional approach
  • Digital reports shared securely in real time
  • Personalised guidelines to address weak areas
  • Automatic tracking of rehab progress
  • Digitisation and collection of every examination for further statistical analysis and reporting

Our exclusive algorithms have been designed to fill the gap between the results obtained by the patient during the assessment and level of fitness required to perform safely daily tasks and progress in the rehabilitation path. Learn more via our video

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Everybody Is a Winner with TheScreeningLab

Organisation wins

  • Standardised assessments based on accepted protocols
  • Geo & source independent centralised data collection
  • Real-time secure information sharing
  • Reduction of recurrent injuries thanks to objective rehab individual benchmarks and tracking
  • Improved procedures and protocols for staff

Patient wins

  • Every assessment generates personal benefits for the patients
  • Detailed, graphical interpretation of body's strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalised injury minimisation / rehabilitation program
  • Tracking function motivates physical health improvements

Medical professional wins

  • Time saving for every assessor - up to 50%
  • Increased levels of professionalism thanks to: automated result analysis, automated reporting , automated personalised exercise program prescription
  • all reports automatically and securely shared among relevant parties
  • Digitisation and collection of every examination for further statistical analysis and reporting

How does TheScreeningLab Work?