Physical screening in sports is great but can be frustrating with the amount of time required to write summary reports and develop individualised exercise programs, and in many cases are not sport specific let alone age and gender specific.

Revolutionise your existing procedures with TheScreeningLab:

  • Digital interface
  • Sport-specific assessments
  • Objective and functional approach
  • Automated result analysis and easy-to-interpret reports
  • Digital reports shared securely in real time
  • Personalised injury prevention exercise program
  • Automatic tracking to improve performances

Our exclusive algorithms have been designed to fill the gap between the results obtained by each athlete during the assessment and level of fitness required to perform at their peak.

If you are interested in discussing how TheScreeningLab can optimise your organisation - team - club performances and injury prevention contact us

Everybody Is a Winner with TheScreeningLab

Organisation wins

  • Standardised protocols and Improved screening procedures
  • Centralised data collection for management' s improved interpretation
  • Real-time secure information sharing
  • Reduction of recurrent injuries thanks to objective personalised benchmarks and consistent tracking

Athlete wins

  • Every assessment generates solutions for the athletes
  • Detailed, graphical interpretation of body's strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalised injury minimisation / rehabilitation program
  • Tracking function motivates physical health improvements

Coach and staff win

  • Time saving for staff - up to 50%
  • Increased levels of professionalism ; automated result analysis , automated reporting , automated personalised exercise program prescription
  • all reports automatically and securely shared among relevant parties

How does TheScreeningLab Work?