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TheScreeningLab - "the Lab" - represents the most innovative cloud-based solution suite for musculoskeletal screening. The Lab's user-friendly interface and video manuals allow your organisation to execute scientifically exact screening procedures in-house: alternatively you can ask to your existing screening service providers to adopt our system.

TheScreeningLab improves quality, consistency, and time efficiency of physical assessments:

  • Sport and Job specific testing protocols
  • Normative data for every test to plot relative results
  • Automated data interpretation and reporting
  • Automated 6-week exercise program generation for below average results
  • Automated tracking of changes over time for trend analysis
  • Corporate Applications

Contact us on info@thescreeningLab.com or call +61-8- 93872699 to discover how at TheScreeningLab we can help your organisation with solutions to prevent injuries, optimise rehabilitation and improve performances.

Business Solution

  • Corporate Applications
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Employees Injury Prevention
  • Rehabilitation Management
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Periodical Assessments?
  • Wellness Programs

Sport Solution


Goal Setting and Performance Tracking Over Time


Minimise and Prevent Injuries via Automated Weak Area Identification and Exercise Program Generation


Objectively Manage Return from Injury


Sport & Occupation - Specific Screenings with Scientific Approach with Exact Normative Data